1  THOT MAN PLA            炸魚餅        7.95
(Fish Cakes) 8pc
Ground fish marinated with Thai herbs
and spices, deep fried and served with
cucumber sauce.
 2  KAI MAKRUD              炸檬叶鸡      9.95
          (Lime Leaves Chicken)
          Deep fried chicken with lime leaves
          Served with chili sauce

 3  TOFU THOT               炸豆腐       7.95
          (Deep Fried Tofu)
Deep fried Tofu and served with
Eat in Thailand sauce. 4 KHAO KIEP GOONG 炸蝦片 7.95 (Shrimp Chips) Deep fried shrimp chips served with Eat In Thailand Sauce. 5 KAI SATE 雞肉串燒 7.95
(Chicken Satay) 6pc Six skewers of marinated grilled chicken, Served with peanut sauce.

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