Beef Dishes

22  PANANG NUER                 紅咖哩牛肉       9.95
         (Red Curry Beef)
         Beef with sweet peppers stewed in red curry 
         coconut milk.

23  KA PHAO NUER                九層塔炒牛肉     9.95      
         (Spicy Beef Basil Leaves)
         Stir fried beef with sweet pepper onion
         and basil leaves in chili paste.

24  NUER PHAT TOUR YAOW         四季豆炒牛肉     9.95          
         (Beef With Green Beans)
         Stir fried beef with green beans in 
garlic sauce. 25 KHIAO WAN NUER 綠咖哩牛肉 9.95 (Green Curry Beef) Beef with eggplant sweet pepper basil leaves
stewed in green curry coconut milk.

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