6  YAM TALAY                拌海鮮           12.95
           (Seafood Salad)
           Fish, shrimp, squid, Imitation crab meat, 
red onion, celery, sweet pepper and lemon juice. 7 YAM WUN SEN 拌粉絲 8.95 (Glass Noodles Salad) Glass noodles, shrimp, squid, red onion,
sweet pepper, green onion and lemon juice. 8 PHA GOONG 香茅蝦沙拉 12.95 (Lemon Grass Shrimp) Shrimp tossed with red onion, celery, sweet pepper, lemon grass and chili paste.
9 NUER NAM TOK 牛肉香料沙拉 9.95 (Spicy Beef salad) Sliced broiled steak tossed with roasted
chilis, red onion, mint leaves, lemon juice
and roasted rice. 10 YAM MAMUANG 芒果沙拉 8.95 (Mango Salad) Slices of mango tossed with roasted peanut,
red onion and chilis.

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