Seafood & Fish Dishes

26  GOONG GRATIAM             蒜蓉炸中蝦       12.95
        (Garlic Shrimp)
        Shrimp deep fried with chopped garlic and
        white pepper. 

27  GOONG PHAT MET            腰果炒中蝦       12.95
        (Cashew Nut Shrimp) 
        Stir fried shrimp with cashew nut, sweet pepper
        onion, celery in Eat in Thailand sauce.         

28  PANANG GOONG              紅咖哩中蝦       12.95
        (Red Curry Shrimp) 
        Shrimp stewed with sweet pepper basil leaves
        in red curry coconut milk.
29  TALAY PHONG KARI          咖哩炒海鮮       12.95
        (Seafood with Yellow Curry) 
        Stir fried seafood with celery, onion, sweet 
pepper in yellow curry coconut milk. 30 SALMON PHAT KHING 薑絲炒三汶魚 12.95 (Ginger Salmon) Stir fried salmon with ginger, celery, onion
and sweet pepper. 31 PLA RAT PRIK 紅咖哩魚片 12.95 (Fish Fillet with Coconut Milk) Stir fried fish fillet with sweet pepper,
basil leaves in red curry coconut milk.

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