11  TOM YAM GOONG       酸辣蝦湯              6.50
            (Lemon Grass Shrimp Soup)/Per Person
            Shrimp straw mushrooms in chili paste 
broth, flavored with lime leaves, juice,
galangal and lemon grass.
12  TOM KHA KAI         椰汁雞湯              6.50
            (Coconut Chicken Soup)/Per Person
            Chicken straw mushrooms in coconut broth 
flavored lemon leaves, galangal and
lemon grass.
13  TOM YAM TALAY       酸辣海鮮湯            6.50
            (Seafood Soup)/Per Person
            Shrimp, squid, cream fish in chili paste 
broth flavored with lime leaves lemon
juice, galangal and lemon grass.
14  KHAENG SOM          酸辣蔬菜湯            6.50
            (Vegetable Soup)/Per Person
            Shrimp, vegetable, hot and sour, in 
tamarind sauce.
15  SOUP KEAL           雲吞湯                8.95
            (Wonton Soup)/12 pcs
            Minced pork wrapped flour paper in 
chicken broth.

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